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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yet Another SE 300B Amplifier, Part 2


Beginning of last month I showed my latest 300B mono amps using Tamura amorphous core output transformers. They were lacking matching power supplies and I used them with the PSUs of another set of amplifiers. Now the power supplies in a matching color scheme are finished.

They come with the capacitors in the same metallic white. The transformer covers are graphite grey to match the Tango interstage transformers on the amplifiers. Here is the entire set of 4 chassis:

Front view of one of the power supplies:

Side view:

To allow some experimentation with the operating points of the Elrog 300B. I added an array of switches which allows selection of different taps of the power transformers, which results in different B+ voltages.

While at it I also made the DC filament supplies for output and driver tubes adjustable over a wide range to be able to use different tubes.

Top view of the PSU:

One channel:

More about this amp in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

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  1. Surely you mean Tamura, not Tamara -- otherwise they look absolutely fabulous.

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