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Friday, July 31, 2015

Silver 10Y line preamplifier in Smoked Eucalyptus


In previous posts I already showed a set of 45/2A3 mono amplifiers and a D3a LCR phono stage finished in smoked eucalyptus wooden frames and capacitors and transformer covers varnished in graphite grey metallic. Here is the line stage in the same style which completes the amplification chain in this color scheme.

This line stage is equipped with a pair Tribute silver / finemet OPTVCs. Technically the line stage is almost identical to the first silver / finemet line stage I built. As expected it also sounds the same, so please refer to the earlier post for a sound description.

Where the new one differs is the addition of two differential inputs. These use input transformers which are also silver wound types. So a total of 6 silver transformers in this preamp. There is also a slight cosmetic difference. Since I couldn't get the OPTVCs varnished in the same graphite grey as the caps, the OPTVCs are mounted inside the chassis. The two covers on the top plate contain chokes.

And lastly this one has a remote control for the volume.

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  1. What is the purpose of the differential inputs in this amp?