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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Integrated SE Amplifier with the 46


Here is another single ended amp based on the 46. This time an integrated with input selector and volume control.

It is basically the same circuit as the recently shown 46 power amp.

A DACT stepped attenuator serves as volume control directly after the input selector which in this case only selects between two inputs. One RCA and one XLR. The latter goes through a pair of input transformers before it is routed to the input sect switch.

The parts on the top needed some rearrangement to make room for the input selector and volume control.

Since this the power transformer does not really need a large cover as on the previous amp this helped to free up enough space.

When tested with the volume control at maximum and with a line stage this amp sounds just like the last one. The 46 is absolute musical ecstasy.

Extremely rich tone colours almost to the point of exaggeration. Bass is surprisingly solid and well defined with the right speakers.

Not as much resolution as a thoriated tungsten output tube. But sheer fun to listen to.

This will certainly not be the last 46 amp built be me. Stay tuned!

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