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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Ultimate 300B Amplifier - Part 1


After the excellent results from the fully differential 300B amp an ultimate version with all silver transformers and plate chokes was the logical next step.

It shares the same circuit and chassis design of the previous one. All relevant transformers and chokes are upgraded to silver.

These are all the silver goodies which go into one channel. Like the copper version the amp will have 4 chassis. Two mono blocks and each with it's separate power supply.

The sub assembly with all signal relevant transformers and chokes, except the input transformer which is directly mounted to the top plate near the input stage:

These mono amps are meant to complement the ultimate phono and line stage for a fully differential system without caps in the signal path. A set of these power amps together with the phono and line will be demoed at the High End fair in Munich this year.

Stay tuned for updates as the amps get completed.

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