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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Amplifier Testing


There are a bunch of amps lined up to run through their final test.

So I thought I give a glimpse into the workshop.

When amps are finished they first go through a set of standard measurements on the bench. If all tests as expected the amps get hooked up to the system.

For this they are left naked for easy access to the internals to take some measurements while the amps are running the whole day.

Here we see a set of single ended 211 mono amps with 211 drivers.

Of course each set of amps is also extensively listened to.

Some times amps pile up a bit if some material is missing to finish them as seen above. Thanks to all who are waiting for their amps for being patient.

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  1. Morning Thomas, Can you give me an indication of price for these amps? Also output W? Thanks - Peter

  2. Hi Peter,
    on these pics there are different amps SE 211 and PP 300B.
    Output power is 20W for the 211 and 15 for the 300B. I have a wide range of pricing depending on options (transformers, driver tubes, etc). You can email or call for price information. My contact info can be found here: