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Saturday, August 5, 2017

The D3a Phono and 10Y Line Combo


The D3a LCR phono and 10Y line stage are my 'classic' preamplifier combination. Here some photos of a recently finished set.

This preamp has quite some physical presence which the photos cannot really show. It comes in at a combined weight of about 80kg.

From left to right: Line stage power supply, line stage, phono stage and phono stage power supply.

Implemented in the gold/maroon red/smoked eucalyptus color combination.

The line stage has separate volume controls for left and right channels and in addition separate switches for each channel to adjust by 1dB. This allows fine volume and balance adjustment.

Line and phono in operation:

View from the top:

One of the power supplies:

Although both this line and phone stage can be used separately with other equipment, they work extremely well together and are actually designed to complement each other.

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  1. Very nice units. However, could one power supply provide enough power for both pre amp and line stage?

    1. Hi! Not really. very different voltages and not enough room to house the separate filament supplies for the 10Ys

  2. Beautiful. Are the LCR modules silver? They don't look like Tango.