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Friday, October 6, 2017

300B Mono Amplifiers Landscape Style - Part 2


In part 1 about these amps I showed the initial construction steps. Here are some photos of the finished set of amplifiers and power supplies.

One of the monos blocks, amplifier chassis:

The 10Y input tube is on the back side to the left near the input connector. The signal is then routed through the interstage transformer at the front left to the output tube at the right and then through the output transformer to the backside and the speaker connectors.

Top view:

One of the power supplies:

Some more views:

Top view:

One channel, amplifier and PSU together:

The two amplifier chassis are mirrored:

The entire set of 4 chassis:

In part 1 I showed the assembly and wiring of the first tier. Here photos of the internals of the finished amp with the second level of components installed.

The power supply:

And now some photos of the amps in operation:

Nice glow in the dark:

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