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Friday, October 13, 2017

845 Mono Amplifiers - Part 1


Several different 845 mono blocks are in the planning stage for the next months. Here a sneak preview how the first ones will look like.

I will start with a pair of 'entry level' monos. These will be single chassis, one per channel. So the power supply is integrated. Driver tube is the 6HS5. A pair of 6CG3 TV damper tubes will take care of the rectification. All the tubes are placed on top of the chassis without anything else:

The chassis will be tower style, about 40cm high (plus feet and tubes). The same size as the chassis used in the 300B differential amps. This is a view from the top:

All the internal parts will be mounted on several stacked sub assemblies. This are all the metal plates for the internal construction of one amp:

Stay tuned for updates as the construction of these amps progresses and other more advanced 845 amplifiers will enter the planning stage. There are some cool things coming with a unique new driver stage for 845 tubes.

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