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Friday, February 16, 2018

Custom Line Preamplifier


A while back in a post about a set of custom 300B amplifiers I showed the kind of adaptation which is possible to my regular designs. Here is a custom line preamp which will be used with those 300B monos.

The concept is based on my 10Y linestage but with different transformers, in this case a set of line output transformers supplied by Monolith Magnetics.

For volume control Sowter TVCs have been chosen which allow some additional gain which in this case is used for separate balance adjustments.

The knobs which are different style from my usual ones were also customer supplied.

The power supply comes in a separate chassis.

The PSU uses a 5U4G full wave rectifier tube. the switches on the PSU allow some adjustment of the filament voltage which can be monitored through the jacks in front of the tube sockets on the line stage.

While I usually offer a variety of options, such special requests can also be fulfilled.

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