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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Octal Preamplifier


since I mostly write about my separate phono and linestages, many people are not aware that I also have a full function preamp in the offering which has a phono stage integrated. The Octal Preamplifier.

The Octal Preamp has a transformer coupled lien stage with auto former volume control. In this Mk2 version the linestage uses the 6AH4 triode.

The phono section is a LC coupled circuit with passive split RC RIAA.

6SC7 is used as input tube and 6N7 in the second stage.

Signal section and power supply are in separate chassis.

In this case the preamp is built in the classic landscape chassis but could be done in portrait stye as well.

A lower cost alternative to my D3A and 10Y combo.

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  1. Da erkenne ich meinen alten Oktal wieder! Tolle Arbeit, Thomas!

  2. Dear thomas I am interested in a tube integrated amp can you build me one

    1. yes, send me an email, contact info here:

  3. Thomas,

    Can this integrated phono design accommodate lcr RIAA in this chassis?

    Ted S.