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Saturday, October 20, 2018

The Differential 46 Amplifiers


In a recent post I announced the development of a differential push pull amplifier with the 46. The first set of mono blocks with this configuration is finished.

It also uses a pair 46 tubes in differential configuration as driver.

Layout and chassis style is the same as used for the single ended 46 drive 46 amps.

4 type 46 tubes per channel providing almost 3W of  '46 bliss'.

Here both mono blocks together.

They retain the character of the single ended 46 amps but with a bit more grunt and they are leaning more towards the neutral side.

Chuck Michlin who just visited described the sound as very palpable.

Above a photo together with a new set of single ended 46/46 amps with all silver transformers. More about those in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

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  1. Those look great. I bet if this keeps up you will consider resurrecting the Elrog 46 to keep all these customers supply stable for life. That is a lot of tubes for a tube that is no longer made.