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Thursday, November 1, 2018

The All Silver 46 Drive 46 Amplifier


Last month I already mentioned the new all silver 46 drive 46 amplifier project. In the meantime they are finished.

The outer appearance is not different from previous 46/46 amplifier builds.

They also share the same circuit concept.

But this time all transformers are silver wound. That is 6 transformers in total, 3 per mono block.

As experienced in many other cases the silver wire makes a huge difference in transformers. Much more so than in simple signal wire.

This time the experience is similar again. Simply stunning voices. Super natural and warm sound. Not a 'tubey' too nice kind of warm but pure naturalness. This combined with breathtaking tone colors and high resolution.

I know it is hard to believe that the sound still keeps getting better. And I am always cautious with writing about sound superlatives. But I can confidently say this is the pinnacle of my work in power amplifiers up to now.

Of course these are the same low power as other 46 amps. 1.25W. But those are glorious one thousand two hundred fifty milliwatts! With the high sensitivity speakers this is heaven.

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  1. And the pricing would be... for those of us looking to buy..

    1. I have a product site with prices (linked from this blog on the top eft column):


      All 46 variants can be found here: