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Friday, May 3, 2019

SE 845 Mono Amplifiers


Here some photos of newly finished single ended 845 mono amps.

Like a previous set of such amps these use a specially designed Elrog tube as driver. For this purpose we developed the ER887, of which there is now also a molybdenum plate version, the ER888.

The driver tube is on the left and instead of an 845 this amplifier gets a set of Elrog ER284, also with molybdenum plate.

The power supply uses a pair of Elrog ER274A rectifiers in conjunction with two 6AU4 TV dampers for slow ramp up of the high voltage.

 Power supply and amplifier of one channel:

Two separate heavy duty umbilicals connect between amp and PSU. One for the filaments and one for the high voltages:

The stereo set consists of 4 chassis:

The amplifier in operation:

The filaments are visible through the slotted plates.

Since these are customer amplifiers they will not been shown in Munich, but I have another set finished in different color scheme which will be on demo at the high End show next week:

Come to the High End and visit room F231e to listen to these amplifiers.

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