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Friday, April 26, 2019

The Digital to Analog Converter


The DAC is finished.

Above the chassis which houses the DAC and tube output stage. Power supplies are separate and split into two chassis one for the analog tube output stage and one for the digital part.

The digital power supply chassis (bottom) contains two completely separate PSUs one for the receiver board and one for the DAC board.

So we have a 3 chassis system:

The DAC can be connected to a CD transport via the Coax input or to a PC/laptop or server via USB.

The analog output section is transformer coupled and offers balanced and SE outputs. This DAC can use 10Y or 801a tubes. Here equipped with ELROG ER801A. The DAC can also be built for other output tubes.

The one shown will represent the entry level model with single ended output stage and copper transformers. A silver version is also planned and an ultimate differential all silver version. I am building a few initial sets. If you are interested in a DAC from me, special pricing will be offered if you preorder one of the first sets. Email me for more info

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