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Friday, September 3, 2021

Single Ended 211 Mono Amplifiers


Last Month I showed the assembly steps of the latest 211 mono blocks. Here some photos of the finished amps.

The set is finished with gold anodised metal plates in smoked eucalyptus wooden frames.

Due to weight and size the power supplies got their own chassis. The 211 output tube is driven by another direct heated triode, the 801A

This gives the sound quality of directly heated thoriated tungsten filament triodes throughout. Of course the amps come with ELROG tubes.

The entire set consists of 4 chassis with a combined weight of 140kg.

The 211 delivers about 20W of glorious single ended sound.

Due to the high voltage the 211 at which the 211 operates the umbilicals to connect the power supplies with the amps are split into separate leads for filament and plate voltages. Military grade connectors ensure proper insulation and good contact:

The perfect amp for speakers which need some power.

I have enjoyed these amps during their test run in my system. Now they are being shipped to their new owner.

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