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Saturday, January 8, 2022

First Amps of 2022 : Silver TM300B Mono Blocks


The first pair of amps of 2022 got finished. A pair of Monoblocks using the TM300B as output tube and the ER801A as driver.

The amplifiers are fully transformer coupled using silver transformers throughout.

In this case Lundahl input transformers and Tribute interstage and output transformers.

A peek to the internals. First the underside of the top plate which carries a pair of filament chokes which feed the DHTs the capacitors which are most critical to the signal path and the input transformer

On the next level below is the module which carries the Tribute transformers, both silver wound on finemet cores.

And on the bottom the power supply module.

After completion of final testing these amps will be delivered to their new owner.

If you are interested in getting your own set of TM300B amps or amps with other output tubes, drop me a message.

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  1. Outstanding, Thomas!! Glad to see the first TM300B amplifiers being produced. I'm eagerly awaiting to hear my pair of silver TM300B amps that you will be building.

    I assume the reason you didn't comment on the sound is that you have done so in the past on the TM300B tube development? And, of course, you have written in the past your fondness for the 46.

    1. I rarely write about sound as it is too subjective. If the new owner writes his impressions and allows them to be published I will post them

  2. Hello Thomas, absolutely beautiful build -- truly a work of art! Curious, if we may inquire publicly, but what is the approximate cost of the TM300B as shown? Thank you.

    1. Each amp is built to requirements. For an overview of pricing of my 300B amps see here: https://www.vinylsavor.com/en/products/300b/
      if you have interst in such an amp email me for an exact quote.