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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The New Chassis


My metal supplier is working on a new chassis that I developed for the top of the line electronics.

Here the first one in its raw form straight from the CNC machine before surface treatment.

The 10Y differential linestage is the first to be built in this new housing

Milled from a solid metal block.

For a seamless surface.

The power supply will be in a similar chassis of course:

Stay tuned for updates as the surface treatment is finished.

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  1. Spectacular. All the capacitors inside?

  2. No capacitors in this preamp unit since it is a truly cap free design. In the PSU some caps are inside the chassis. Also rectifier tubes are inside so that the preamp and PSU can be stacked

  3. Thomas, Exquisite chassis. Truly works of art, which is as it should be to compliment your amazing circuits! Thanks for posting. Randy/GA (USA)