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Friday, July 1, 2011

Music: Der Dritte Raum, Trommelmaschine


As mentioned in my last article, I'm not only listening to 50 year old jazz records. Today I'd like to present a more recently created piece of music, which I like a lot. This is a maxi single (45rpm) of a german techno band, called 'Der Dritte Raum'. The title of the track is Trommelmaschine:

'Der Dritte Raum' is not really a band since there is only a single person behind that name, Andreas Krüger. Only during live acts he is accompanied by another musician. The english translation for 'Der Dritte Raum' would be: 'The Third Room'. Trommelmaschine translates to drum machine.

The title Trommelmaschine is actually the B side of the single which is called Polarstern. As the name of the track implies, this is a piece which is composed of samples and sequences of actual drums, mixed with electronic sounds. It has a very fast and driving rythm. The piece is very minimalistic. There is no melody as such, the theme of the title is just rythm. The way it is composed of different samples of drums and bass sequences, is quite sophisticated as the rythm goes through some interesting structural changes throughout the piece. As you can see, I not only like Jazz and vocals from the 50ies and 60ies but also more current music styles like techno, trance, house, etc. Trommelmaschine is a good representative of the techno and house music scene of the late 90ies, when this record was released.

I hope you enjoyed this article about some different kind of music. This and other records of 'Der Dritte Raum' can still be found on vinyl and of course on CD too.

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