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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tube Box Art, Part 9: Duovac, Silvertone, Rogers


In this post tube boxes from 3 brands will be presented: Duovac, Silvertone and Rogers. There was no specific relation between these 3. I just grouped them together since I only have very few boxes from these, so that covering one of them wouldnot be enoug to fill a post.

Let's start with Duovac:

The Duovac Radio Tube Corporation was founded 1929 in Brookly, New York. Quite interestingly, the company is listed as active on this site.

Apparently they made a number of interesting tubes like the 842:

The 842 was presented in last months Tube of the Month article. Just after I published that post, I found this beautiful pair of 842s on ebay. I'm still looking for more of this tube type, also ST-shapes. So please email me if you have any which you would sell or trade.
These Duovac boxes have a quite moden look for a design which was copyrighted 1929:

Next is Silvertone, which was not a manufacturer but a brand name of Sears. The tubes have probably  been supplied by RCA. Here a box of a 01A triode:

A Silvertone 45:

The last brand to be presented in this article is Rogers:
Rogers Vacuum Tube Company was founded 1925 in Toronto, Canada as Standard radio Manufacturing. 1928 it merged with Majestic Corporation of Chicago.
The box shown above contains a 5X4 rectifier tube:

The 5X4 is a much overlooked tube. It's electrical characterisitcs are the same as those of the 5U4. It only differs in the pin out. Rectifier sockets can be rewired such that they work with both the 5X4 and 5U4 without any changes. Certainly a tube worth to be covered in detail in a future Tube of the Month article.

A nice feature of these boxes is the seal which ensures that the tube really is NOS:

I hope you enjoyed this post about tube box art. Stay tuned for coverage of more tube brands!

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  1. Hello,Thomas. I saw "Duovac Box" for the first time. Very nice color and design.Shuichi(KONA)