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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Horns for Sale


**** Last price reduction before they go on ebay ****

Since I have not enough time to proceed with my large horn installation and since my two other speakers are enough, I decided to sell some of my horns. They simply take up too much space and it's a shame that they are being unused. I normally don't use my blog for blunt commercial offerings. But since these are from my private collection, I make an exception.

First up is  a pair of aluminium cast IWATA horns for 2 inch drivers. These are varnished in a metallic graphite grey by a professional car paint shop.

These are quite big and heavy. I would prefer personal pick up for these but will ship them on request.

I used these for some years in the large speaker which I had set up when I still lived in Munich.

These are very unique horns. They might benefit from some dampening on the outside to reduce the ringing of the metal I used them naked without any issues however.

Price : 2750,- Euros for the pair
New price : 2000,- Euros

Next a pair of beautiful elliptic horns made by David Haigner:

These are made from a special type of plaster. Again professionally painted with a metallic car paint. It is a silver with a slight hint of green/champagne.

They come with some adapters to reduce the opening to 2 inch:

No holes drilled into the horns or adapters yet. You need to do this yourself for mounting them.

Price: 1500,- Euros for the pair including the adapter pieces.
New price 1000,- Euros

And finally a pair of original vintage JBL 2397 Smith horns  *** sold ***

They come with adapters JBL 2328 (mounted to the horns) and JBL 2327

Condition is good but with some scratches and paint peeled off. Some would call that character. They had been used in various installations which left some marks.

Price 750,- Euros the pair including both pairs adapters. *** SOLD ***

All prices are negotiable within reason. Shipping cost depends on destination. Email me if interested or if you have any questions. My address can be found under the link Impressum / Contact on the left side of this page.

Best regards



  1. what is the cut-off frequency of haigner's horn? given a 2" throat, they should go low, but how low? also how big they are (W, H)?

    1. Hi!

      David Haigner recommend 600-800Hz depending on driver. The size is approx 20*70cm. I can measure them this evening exactly. Please contact me by email for more information. My email address scan be found under the Impressum / Contact link

      If you need lower cut off frequency, the Iwatas can be used down to 300Hz

      Best regards