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Sunday, June 21, 2015

300B With Silver/Finemet Transformers


The first amplifiers with the recently delivered Silver/Finemet Transformers are finished. A pair of Single Ended 300B mono blocks with 10Y driver.

Besides the Tribute transformers with silver windings on finemet cores these amps also received a circuit update for maximising the performance with Elrog ER300B tubes.

Contrary to my previous mono block designs these have been laid out in mirror image fashion. The power supplies of these amps have been finished a while ago. They use a combination of mercury vapour and TV damper tubes.

Yamamoto meters in the front to monitor the bias current of the output tubes.
The amps in operation:

Yet again the silver transformers brought a significant improvement in sound quality. The resolution and transparency pretty much stayed the same compared to previous 300B amps. What is stunning about these is the incredibly rich tone they produce. Tones are layered on top of each other and have a texture which is almost touchable. The basic character is quite similar to the silver 45/45 amps built last year.

Since I cannot compare them directly, it has hard to tell which one would be my favourite. But I'm certain these new 300Bs would take the crown. Unfortunately I have only limited tome to enjoy this silver 300B sound since the amps will leave my house next week.

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  1. Great work Thomas! I like your classic design a lot, especially with the beautiful meter arrangement in the front.
    Best regards from Berlin, Niko

  2. Absolutely fabulous. Your design esthetic is amazing and the sound is too I bet. Bravo.