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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Power Supplies Tower Style


The recently presented 211 amps in tower style received some good feedback for their design. Someone commissioned a set of 300B monos and a 10Y preamp in the same chassis style. The power supplies are already finished.

This time in a light coloured wood body. The power supplies use a full tube Graetz bridge with a mix of 1616 and 6AX4 tubes. Similar to the PSUs for a previous 300B amp and also similar to the PSUs of the 211/211 amps.

Like those the new PSUs can also operate 866A tubes:

The signal chassis will use silver finemet transformers for which I am still waiting. They will share the same circuit as the silver 300B amps and silver 10Y line stage built earlier this year.

Top view, showing the tubes and the rotary type on off switch:

The back side showing the connection terminal:

There is also a version of the Stereo 300B amp planned in the same tower style.

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  1. Hello Thomas. First I want to say what a great blog you have here! Your work is simply stunning!
    I am thinking of building a power supply with either 2 or 4 866a MV tubes. Do you have a schematic available by any chance for the 4 X 866a rectifiers?
    I need to end up with 450V.
    Thanks once again for the great information1