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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Amplifier Work in Progress


A quick preview of 3 different amplifiers which are in different states of completion.

A set of 46 drive 46 amplifiers, but this time in landscape style and with Tamura output transformers.

Interstage will be a Tango.  Since they have different finishes, additional transformer covers will be placed over them. Due to the size of the Tamura it had to be mounted on a sub plate through a cut-out of the top plate.

300B mono blocks in tower chassis with 801A driver already finished, one the housing is missing.

Some pics of the internals.

And lastly a new set of ER887 drives ER845 mono blocks.

Assembly from top down.


Sub assembly with Output and Interstage transformer and some capacitors.

Build up of the amp, only the last level missing:

The power supply chassis is built in similar fashion.

Stay tuned for updates as these amps get finished.

Best regards



  1. Thomas, Such artistry......beautiful! Randy/GA

  2. Your work is always so clean and well thought out. It's a feat of industrial engineering.

  3. Hi Thomas, you used the Tamura in one of these amps? On another blog you mentioned if I recall correctly that you don't prefer amorphous core due to tone, is this Tamura amorphous, but not having that issue?

    1. The F-2000 series does not use amorphous cores. Sometimes customers specify the transformer they want in their amps so it does not matter what I prefer