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Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Silver Differential 46 Mono Amplifiers


Here is the latest set of amplifiers in the works.The silver differential 46 monos.

After the introduction of the silver single ended 46 amps. and the first set of differential 46 amps, these are the logical next step. A pair of 46 tubes driving another pair of 46 through a silver interstage transformer and both driver tubes loaded with individual silver chokes. A similar configuration in the output stage and silver input transformers for splitting the phase for the different driver. This results in a total of 7 silver wound piece in each mono block.

The photos show the first level of components mounted directly under the top plate. On the levels below the power supply section will follow with 8 filter chokes in total, for very clean B+ and filament voltages.

These amps will be on demo at the upcoming Munich High End show along with some other new amplifiers. Stay tuned for updates about the gear showed in Munich

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