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Sunday, April 7, 2019

High End 2019 in Munich


Next month the High End show opens the doors again from  May 9th to 12th. I will exhibit this year together with new partners.

This year I am teaming up with Ze'ev Schlick of PureAudioProject who will provide the speakers for the demo. Albert Leung of exD excel digital audio will take care of the digital sources and Charles Han of Hanss Acoustics joins with his analog frontend.

We will use a pair of Quintett speakers for the demo.

Ze'ev brought the speakers to Lindau where we tested them with my amps. Here we see him doing the assembly.

They come with beautiful oak panels.

For the midrange and treble Voxativ drivers are used.

I will bring various amps and preamps, among them a pair of 300B mono blocks, with 801A driver and 274B rectifier. All equipped with Elrog tubes of course.

I will show more of the amps for Munich in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!
We will be in Atrium 4, room F231e.

See you in Munich


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  1. Good choice to show off your tubes/amps. I reviewed the Trio Horns a couple ofyears ago.