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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Silver Differential 46 Mono Amplifiers - Part 2


In the announcement of this years participation to the High End in Munich I mentioned that I will cover some of the amps which will be used for demo.

One of the amps will be the new finished all silver differential power amps. Initial construction steps of these have been shown in part 1.

A pair of 46 is driven by another pair of 46 using all silver transformers and plate chokes. 7 silver wound pieces in each mono block.

Each amp weighs over 40kg with a big part of that being silver. Admittedly that is a lot of weight for some 3.5W output power. But worth it. These are the best 46 amps I built so far.

Come to the Munich High End to room F231e to listen to these

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  1. great stuff! lucky to have stumble upon your blog.

    1. AS long as you have the correct speaker matching, the 46 is hard to beat.

      I heard a pair of mono's at Don Garber's (Fi) house a few year's back and they were wonderful.

      It's nice to see someone still building these "niche" product's. This is the best kind od cultural exchange!

      Regards, Mike