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Monday, January 11, 2021

Demo Amplifier Sale!


I need to make room for some new demo amplifiers. Therefor some older ones have to go first. On offer are a set of 801A drive 801A and a set of 46 drive 46 power amplifiers.

The 801A drive e 801A power amps have been built in 2014. They are mono blocks with external power supplies so 4 chassis. Power output is about 3.5W per channel. They are built using the famous Tango interstage and output transformers. Not the later ISO Tango versions but the original ones when Tango was part of Hirata Corp.

Very transparent and colourful thoriated tungsten sound. These have been used for demo purposes and were also used on some shows. Good condition with minor blemishes. More about these amps here. And you can hear them playing here.

Here a photo of the 46 amps. These have been built in 2018 and were also used at some shows. Condition like new. These are built with silver signal transformers throughout. If you have very sensitive speakers these 1.25W amps will provide the ultimate in 46 sound, one of the very best sounding tubes out there.

More about these amps here

Both amps use input transformers and need a preamp with sufficiently low output impedance to be driven (600 Ohms or less). They come with full warranty and with each amp I will supply a spare set of NOS tubes.  The 801A amps can also be upgraded with ELROG ER801A.

Before I decide to dismantle them and reuse the transformers and parts, I am offering them at a substantial discount.

The 801A/801A amps are 16.000,- Euros for the set. 

The silver 46/46 can be had for 27.000,- Euros for the pair

These prices include VAT and free shipping within the EU. If you are outside the EU please ask for the export price and shipping cost.

Reasonable offers will be considered, especially if you pick these amps up personally.

Any questions, please email

Best regards


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  1. Both, beautiful amplifiers and a great deal as well. Someday I will own some of your products! :-) Keep up the amazing work you do.
    Pete Kossaras