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Friday, March 19, 2021

The ELROG ER5U4G Rectifier Tube


Today I have the pleasure to announce the availability of the newest member of the ELROG family. The ER5U4G.

After the introduction of the ER274B and ER274A this is the third rectifier in our line up and the 14th tube type.

The ELROG ER5U4G is fully compatible with the 5U4 specification and can be used in any applications designed for 5U4, 5U4GB or 5U4WG.

Like all ELROG tubes the ER5U4G has a thoriated tungsten filament which gives off a bright light.

The two plates are arranged vertically one above the other so that the filament is visible between them.

Here a comment from a lead customer who uses one of the first ER5U4G rectifiers in his Audio Note Meishu:

After a good afternoon and evening yesterday of listening, I’m pleased with the tube - i would sum up the tube as bringing another sense of clarity and solidity to the music. 

The first series production batch is already almost sold out. Get in touch if you want one.

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