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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Silver D3a LCR RIAA Phono Preamplifier


last week I finished an entire silver electronic chain consisting of phono,  line and power amps. Here some photos of the phono.

This is the single ended version of the D3a phono but with all signal transformers in silver.

This particular unit is equipped with 2 inputs with the selector switch on the back for short wiring of the tiny signal from the MC cartridge.

Here a peek to the inside. The main signal transformers are hidden under the black transformer covers:

The underside of the top plate pre wired:

Top part finished:

All chokes remain in copper wire as they do not carry any signal. The chokes are mounted on a sub plate:

The sub plate mounted underneath the top plate:

Almost finished phono stage with 4 more silver signal transformers placed between the chokes:

A total of 8 silver transformers.

Stay tuned for photos of the rest of the all silver system

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