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Monday, December 11, 2023

The Compactron Stereo Power Amplifier


The Compactron family is growing. Just finished a Stereo Power Amp.

A single ended stereo amp with 7W per channel.

No gimmicks, no nonsense, no PCBs, all hand wired sonic bliss.

It is a two stage design with interstage transformer coupling and choke filtered tube recitified power supply.

No electrolytic capacitors. Only high quality film caps.

Here some pics of the assembly process.

Initial testing: 

Sound check before final assembly of the chassis:

All finished and boxed up:

With the right speakers this amp sounds more powerful than can be expected from 7W.

Available in different color anodisation and also wood side panels.

7W not enough for you? Stay tuned for the completion of the 15W PSE moon blocks.

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  1. Price and availability?

    1. Email me for a quote. Need to know country to know if Vat applies or not. Also any requirements you have. Lead time about 6 months after order placement