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Monday, March 18, 2024

The Heritage Digital to Analog Converter


After the phono and line stage the next member of the Heritage product family is finished. A digital to Analog Converter with directly heated output tubes.

The DAC consists of 3 chassis. One for the digital power supply, one for the analog power supply and one for the actual signal section. Each chassis is 434 by 434 mm, plus knobs at the front and connectors at the back. The height is 100mm plus feet (different style feet are available) and tubes on top of the signal chassis.

The signal section uses a discrete R2R DAC which feeds into the grid of the output tube which in turn is transformer coupled for a low output impedance. This is as pure a signal path as you can get. All the analog amplification is done by directly heated triodes.

The DAC can receive digital data via a SPDIF RCA jack (i.e from a CD transport) or via a USB connector (from, media server, PC, streamer, etc). The DAC can handle PCM data up to 24bit 786kHz.

The directly heated output tube provides maximum transparency combined with music flow and rich tone colors. The low output impedance can drive long interconnects without any problem. No expensive interconnects are needed to utilise the sound potential of this DAC. Both RCA and XLR output are available as standard.

The external power supplies are split into separate chassis for digital and analog for maximum isolation. Again no accessories like exotic power cords or mains conditioners needed to get the best performance.

The high voltage analog supply is tube rectified with a full wave bridge arrangement. The rectifier tubes are mounted vertically inside the PSU chassis. All voltages including filament and digital suppliers are choke input filtered. The power supply chassis can be stacked.

The signal chassis can also be placed on top of the power supplies.

I ran out of black side panels so the digital PSU got a silver one which will be replaced later with black.

As standard the DAC will be delivered with Elrog ER801A tubes.

Other tube options are available on request like Elrog ER801A-Mo:

Or TM801A. For some info about the different Elrog 801A types I posted some user feedback.

Old production 801A tubes (or 801, VT62) are available on request too, as well as 10Y (10, VT25, VT25-A) including globe shape 10:

And even the super rare 1602 (special factory selected 10Y):

All these tube types above can be used in this DAC without any modification or user adjustments. Simply plug and play. The DAC can be built for other tubes as well. For example 26:

of course also globe UX226:

Or the 71A:

For a very special more 'vintage' sound, the UX201A would be possible too:

Of course also the 01A (ST glass version of the UX201A).

There are many other possibilities. Send your inquiry if you want such a DAC built for a specific tube. I will check if it is technically feasible. All the tubes shown here are available from my stock. Like all Heritage products, the tubes shipped with this DAC will carry a 2.5 year warranty.

The DAC can also be manufactured with silver anodised plates.

Email me if you have any questions or want a quote for such a DAC.

This DAC will be on demo at the Munich High End, Hall 2, F06. See you there!

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  1. May we know whether the Heritage DAC can decode DSD files via its USB digital input or not? Thanks!