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Sunday, March 10, 2024

The Heritage Line Preamplifier


The Heritage line preamplifier is finished.

A two box line preamp with 801A directly heated triodes.

The external power supply uses 4 TV damper tubes in a full wave bridge rectification scheme.

The rectifier tubes are inside the chassis so that signal unit and power supply can be stacked.

Here shown with TM801A tubes.

The preamp can use any of the 10Y family (10, 10Y, 1602, VT25, VT25A) or 801A family of tubes (801, 801A, VT62). As standard the preamp is shipped with ELROG ER801A. NOS tubes can be equated on request as well as TM801A or ER801A-Mo.

The tubes used in all Heritage amps and preamps come with 30 month (2.5 years) warranty.

The linestage with the matching Heritage phono:

A peek into the power supply section:

This linestage can now be ordered and can be configured to your requirements

Matching power amps are in preparation. Stay tuned!

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