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Saturday, March 23, 2024

The Heritage Power Amplifiers


The Heritage product line is now completed with a set of single ended mono power amplifiers.

These are mono blocks with directly heated driver and output tubes.

The driver is interstage transformer coupled to the output triode.

The power supply is housed in a separate chassis:

Like all heritage power supplies it uses 4 rectifier tubes in a full wave bridge configuration into a choke input filter. The tubes are mounted horizontally inside the chassis, so that the amp can be stacked on top of the PSU.

That results in 4 chassis total:

Each of the chassis is 434 by 434 mm and 100mm high (plus feet, different style feet are available).

The chassis are assembled from massive aluminum plates with brushed surface.

Different colors and surface treatments are available on request.

Also different tube configurations can be chosen. As standard the driver is ELROG ER801A and the output tube ELROG ER300B.

As an upgrade option ER801A-Mo and ER300B-Mo are available too, as well as TM801A and TM300B. Any other 300B compatible type can be used as well and on request NOS old production 801A will be delivered with the amps.

Other tube types can be configured too. For example the 45 as output tube. There are many different driver tubes possible for the 45:

10Y drives 45

26 drives 45

UX201A drives 45

UX112A drives 45

Or the '45 bliss' option: 45 drives 45

Please note that the tube choice has to be made when ordering. However if necessary the amps can be modified for the use of different tubes after purchase for a moderate fee.

I have many NOS tubes in stock to be able to offer a large variety of possibilities. Among them 2A3 as output tube (shown above with 10Y driver). And also the 46.

In the moment no Heritage amplifiers for the 211 or 845 are available yet since those would require larger chassis. But they will become available in the future.

Email me if you have any questions about these amps. Many more options than those listed are possible.

These amps will be shown at the upcoming Munich High End, Hall 2, F06. See you there.

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  1. Das neue, sehr klare Design harmoniert super mit den Elrog Röhren. Erinnert mich ein wenig an Audi,…es gibt nichts was mein Auge schmerzt.

  2. Hallo Thomas,
    hast du mal einen Potiknopf probiert, der auch so matt ist wie die Frontplatte? Ist wahrscheinlich schwer bis gar nicht zu beschaffen...

    Sehen sehr gut aus die Gehäuse.

    1. Hallo Frank, ich habe bewusst Knöpfe aus Edelstahl genommen für den Kontrast

    2. Danke für die Info, Thomas.
      Ja, die nutzen auch nicht so schnell ab.