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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Making of a EC8020 LCR Phono Preamplifier, Part 3: Listening


Finally the wooden frames for the EC8020 phono preamplifer arrived:

Now the phonostage got finished with the walnut frames and graphite grey metallic varnished cover over the power transformer.

Testing and fine tuning was already done with the preamp still in the assembly rig. Everything measured and sounded as expected. Now the phonostage can play some time in my system before it gets shipped to it's final desitination.

Especially after the newly finished Octal Preamp Mk2 it was interesting how much difference the LCR would still make. Well, it is still clearly a step beyond in all aspects: Tone colors, resolution and especially the critical articulation of s-sounds in vocals. So it is well worth to spend the effort for an LCR phono if only the best will do. If the budget is limited the Octal Preamp is a good choice.

The new EC8020 phono hooked up to a 10Y/801A linestage and playing in the system:

The power supply of the phono stage besides the behemoth 211 mono blocks:

Some close up shots:

The phono stage has been playing all day. No matter which music, it brings out the best of the recording. I've enjoyed Nina Simone, Yello, Jimmy Giuffre, The Modern Jazz Quartet, Kenny Burell, John Coltrane, Elvis Presley and Medeski, Martin and Wood through it. Now it's time for some classical records.

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