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Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Silver from Lundahl


Just received these beauties:

A pair of silver wound LL1660 interstage / line output transformers, named LL1660Ag. These are from the first batch of the silver version of this transformer. I got mine gapped for 18mA to try them in a linestage with 10Y or 801A triodes.

The LL1660 is my favorite transformer for linestages. In the configuration 4.5:1 it is a stunning perfomer. I'm curious which impact the silver windings have on these. If you read my report on the silver LL1933Ag step up transformer, you know that I liked them a lot. In fact that listening report seems a bit conservative. In the meantime I had more listening experience with the silver MC step ups and they are simply great. Also everybody who heard them liked them a lot. I try to keep my listening reports more on the conservative side. How a component performs has a lot to do with system synergy and personal preferences. I also want to avoid to exaggerate when writing the first time about something new. New things are always exciting and this can influence the judgement. Living with a component for a longer time gives a deeper insight. Often the first excitement falls off after some time. Not so with the silver transformers. In fact the more I listend to them the more liked them.

So I have high hopes for these LL1660Ag. I will report about my impression once I have set up a listeing test.

Visually these look beautiful. The silver windings are nicely visible which of course is not the case with the encapsulated MC step ups. Lot's of silver in these. I have no final price yet but expect these to be very expensive. One critisism however: Such an exclusive transformer deserves better connection terminals. This first batch was done with the same terminal plate as the standard LL1660. I hope Per Lundahl follows my recommendation and changes this to some better material and some sturdy soldering terminals.

The photo above shows them in comparison to the copper LL1660.

Stay tuned for updates about these silver transformers!

Best regards



  1. Hallo Thomas,

    ich bin wirklich auf den Hörbericht gespannt! Zudem stimme ich Dir völlständig zu, dass die Lötpins das mit Abstand grösste Ärgernis an den Trafos darstellen. Ich bin der Meinung, Per Lundahl sollte das auch für seine Kupfertrafos ändern. Das ist wirklich nicht mehr zeitgemäss. Der sonst sehr gute Eindruck von der Verarbeitungsqualität wird dadurch deutlich getrübt. Macht es Sinn, das Per nochmal parallel zu schreiben? Manchmal wirken ja mehrere Stimmen besser als eine ;-)


  2. Hallo Bernd,

    diesen Vorschlag habe ich Per schon längst gemacht. Die Lötpins wie sie jetzt sind, sind gut für Platinenmontage geeignet. Da Lundahl hauptsächlich Studioequipment und Industrie beliefert macht das auch Sinn. Ich arbeite weiter daran dass das geändert wird ...