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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Modular Preamplifier, Part 11: 10Y linestage


In a previous post I already showed the chassis design of the 10Y linestage. Now it is finished, including power supply.

The power supply comes in the same chassis style:

Under the transformer covers of the PSU there are 2 filament transformers (one for each 10Y), the B+ transformer and the first choke of the LCLC choke input filter. The chokes of the filament supplies, the second B+ choke, smoothing caps and all the rest are mounted inside the chassis:

The preamp chassis is filled inside with separate B+ filter chokes for each channel and two filament chokes feeding the 10Ys.

Initial listening test is very positive. The Tribute output transformers with volume control secondary work nicely. They also measure well across all volume settings.

The linestage together with the E55L phonostage:

Quite a massive preamp with it's six chassis. If MC step up transformer and LCR EQ are chosen with their own chassis, there are even eight of them:

The line stage and it's PSU in operation:


More listening tests will follow.

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