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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tube Box Art, Part 7: Various Brands


Todays Tube Box Art article will cover various brands. These are less know. Some of them private labels or rebrands from major manufacturers.

Let's start with some close ups of a brand called Gold Coast:

This was a private label of a department store who rebranded tubes they sold.

Wouldn't that be great if you could still walk into a department store and buy such tubes?

Next are two different boxes of Majestic:

Majestic was a manufacturer of radios. Not sure if they made their own tubes or if they rebranded from others.

The right box of a G-37 contained a Cunninghamm 337. But that doesn't mean that this tube was in there originally. Often when tubes got replaced in a radio set, the old tubes got kept in the boxes of the replacement tubes.

Next is a box with a marathon runner as motif, which matches the brand name:

The Marathon name was most likely chosen to imply durability. The box contained a rectifier, matching the rectifier tube print on the box. But strangly there is a MX250 designation on the bottom of one side. On the top flap there is a stamp above that which mathes the tube it contains:

A box of the brand Triotron:

Another 281 rectifier tube box from a comapny called United, not to be confused with United Electric:

As the imprint on the side says this is probably a tube manufactured by RCA:

The tube in the box had no markings at all.

The box showed the basic specs of the tube, very convenient:

The top flap:

Next is the box of a UY227 indirectly heated triode from  Sonatron Tube Co, a less known manufacturer of vacuum tubes.

Again the tube specs are printed on one side of the box:

The top flap:

I have a few of these Sonatron UY227s. Interestingly they seem to be from some sort of life time test as this notice implies:

The tubes contained in these boxes still measure well!

And as a last goodie I'd like to share photos of a box of UX201A triodes from a brand called Gold Seal:



These Photos of the Gold Seal tube were kindly provided by a reader of my blog.

Many thanks to Milan, for sharing these pictures!

Best regards



  1. Great photos. I would like to ask permission to use the photos of the United tube made in Providence, RI on my website dedicated to Rhode Island made radios and radio parts. I would course give you full credit and a link to your blog associated with the photos.


    1. Hi Len,
      yes, you may use the photos for your web site.

      Best regards