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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Silver Line Input Transformer


At the ETF in Berlin, Per Lundahl introduced a new type of silver transformer, the LL1948Ag. This is a 1+1 : 1+1 transformer, wound on an amorphous core. I just received a pair of them which I'm going to test.

Lundahl started with silver versions of his top of the line MC step up transformers like the LL1933Ag. I've been using this transformer mounted in a wooden chassis in my system for a long time now and I would not want to miss it. Everybody who tested this one against the copper version liked it a lot. A considerable improvement! It smoothes out the sound and increases resolution at the same time. A property which is very important to me. I grew more and more fond of this silver sound during the last year.

Lundahl is now slowly broadening the offering of silver transformers. After the LL1660Ag, a silver version of the great LL1660 line out / interstage transformer, this line transformer is the latest in the silver line. Since I am not too fond of amorphous cores, I hope for a silver version of the LL7903 which I'm routinely using as line input transformer.

The LL1660Ag will be tested in a new linestage which is planned in the next months. Stay tuned for updates on the silver sound.

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