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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tube Box Art, Part 11: DuMont


As far as I'm aware DuMont relabelled tubes from other manufacturers, most probably mainly Sylvania.  Their boxes have a simple yet very interesting and unique style.

I actually only came across two different box styles from DuMont. I believe the one in the next photo is older:

These boxes contain Octal TV dampe tubes. Other sides of the same boxes:

The top flaps showing their contents: 6aX4 and 6AU4 tubes:

The bottom flaps:

More interesting are their later boxes in a gold color:

These boxes contain an octal and a 9-pin miniature tube.

As with mot boxes the tube types are indicated on the top flaps. here we have a 6AX4 and a 6AM4:

I hope you enjoyed the presentation of the DuMont Tube Box Art. Say tuned for more articles about tube box design.

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