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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!


Yet another year comes to it's end. This has been the third year since the start of the VinylSavor blog. It was a very exciting and productive year for me. Since the beginning of the year, I am working full time in audio. This summer I moved my workshop to a separate location away from the private apartment. This gives me a lot more room for storage and workshop. The office also got an own system which is still in preparation. Once it is set up I will describe it in a separate post.

Many projects got completed this year. Most of them shown on this blog. The most fun project was the Sound Processor.  Above a photo of one of the UX201A tubes glowing in this device. And a shot of the mercury vapour 866A glowing away in it's magic color in the power supply:

Definitely the most interesting meeting of the year was my visit at the last german vacuum tube manufacturer ELROG. Since my visit there I have worked a lot with the company the ER211 became my favourite 211/VT4C tube and was used in the latest 211 amplifier build.

The tube which I used the most throughout the year was definitely the 6AX4, which finds it's way into most of my power supplies. Typically in a set of 4 for an all tube full wave rectifier bridge:

Not all of the projects which I planned for 2013 got finished or even started. The mighty 851 transmitting triode is still waiting to find it's way into an amplifier. Here shown with a 211 tube to give an idea of it's size:

I guess this tube has to wait unit somebody orders such an amp. Who really needs 150W of single ended glory? Would definitely be a fun project though. Or maybe a 75W amp with the smaller sister of the 851, the 849:

Also the fully differential EC8020 phono stage is still waiting to be built. Hopefully in 2014.

Definitely in the plan is finally a 300B amp especially since there is hope for a german made 300B tube!

Also definitely planned is a new power amplifier with the 801A as output tube, Probably two versions one with an indirectly heated driver and an all directly heated one with a second 801A as driver.

Silver transformers will be a big topic for 2014 with a 211/211 amplifier in the planning using all silver transformers as well as a 45/45 amp.

I'd like to thank all my customers, partners, friends and readers of my blog for a great year. Looking forward to an even better and more exciting 2014. Stay tuned!

All the best for the new year to you and your families!



  1. Hi Thomas
    Wish You Marvelous Year 2014 :-)
    Best regards

  2. Hello Thomas,

    also the best wishes for the new year!

    Best Regards