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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

211 Drives 211 : Part 3


Work on the 211/211 amplifiers progressed a little. Here a first impression of the amplifier chassis of one channel:

This is the inner construction. Later there is another metal plate planned on top which will cover all the screws. The whole construction will get an outer shell. The material of that is still to be determined.

Before assembly the individual plates got prewired as much as possible. Input transformer wired with teflon insulated silver. A solid copper wire serves as the main ground point:

Prewiring of the capacitor bank:

The plate with the chokes and terminals:

First assembly to determine the correct distance between the plates and overall height:

Another assembly, this time with additional metal plates for mechanical stabilisation:

Now the final wiring can proceed.

Stay tuned for part 4 which will show the power supply construction.

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  1. Unbelievably there's no comment so far. Everybody is intimidated by that machine already!

  2. Really cool, but it looks like it's just begging to fall over and smash the tubes. Will it have spiked feet? That would reassure me as an owner.

    1. Hi! It stands quite firmly and there is no danger that it will tip over. This is just the internal construction. I will still work out a solution of the foot and how it stands on the floor. First both amps have to work, then I will sort out the finish.

      Best regards


  3. This is so awesome!