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Saturday, January 10, 2015

6GE5 Stereo Amplifier, Part 2 : Assembly


The previous post about this project showed the schematic. Now lets see the assembly steps and photos of the finished amp.

While the schematic showed a power amp, I decided to build an integrated by simply adding a volume pot and input selector in front.

The ultra path oil caps, power transformer and the chokes are placed on top of the chassis. Both chokes will be hidden under a single cover.

Wiring of the heaters:

Adding some solder terminal strips for the passive components:

Completed wiring. The output transformers are placed inside the chassis:

The finished amp:

Front view:

View from the top:

The same view with the amp switched on:

Glowing tubes:

I am also offering kits for this amplifier. The prices are for a power amp version.

Iron set (power transformer, chokes, output transformers):

EUR 640,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 538- (outside EU)

Full parts kit (excluding chassis and wire):

EUR 890,- (EU incl. VAT) / EUR 748,- (outside EU)

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  1. What is the dimension of the base plate?

    1. 230mm wide, 360mm deep. With the wooden chassis 250mm*400mm

  2. I really like this amp! Do you sell the output transformers separately? I'm in the United States and already have a suitable power supply. Also, do you sell the rotary on/off switch? Thanks.

    1. Yes the output transformers are also available separately

  3. Hello. How much power can I expect from your kit? I have a pair of Klipsch speakers with a sensitivity of 98dB @ 2.83V / 1m. I'm hoping a tube amp will give new life to these speakers that are currently not being unused. Thank you.