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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

211 -The Next Generation- Part 14 : 6HS5/211 assembly


In Part 13 of the series of posts about my next generation line of 211 amps I showed how the layout of the refreshed 211 mono blocks with 6HS5 driver is going to look like. This post will illustrate the assembly process.

Contrary to the 801A/211 amplifiers this one has the amplifier section and power supply on one chassis. This means a lot of iron needs to be fitted in.

Everything is mounted on a single metal plate:

Here the sockets, connectors and switches are already fitted. The underside:

The interstage transformer is the only piece of iron which is placed inside. Many rails and bolts are needed to hold the capacitors which will all be inside:

For the further assembly steps the plate is fixed in a rig which makes it easier to handle:

Here all the chokes and transformers are already mounted on the top side:

The inside with some initial wiring before the capacitors go in:

Everything in place and wired up, ready for testing:

The amp can be tested in the assembly rig, before the transformer covers and enclosure are added. 5 covers are needed to hide these heaps of iron:

Stay tuned for photos of the finished amps!

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