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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 2


A few more impressions from the opening day of this years ETF.

As usual the first day is mainly for set up of the various systems.

Big speakers as well as tiny ones.

Big amps like the main system GM100 beasts.

With mercury vapours rectifiers.

Here a video clip of these amps playing:

Small amps:

And as always a lot of soldering going on.

The listening rooms are spread between 3 buildings in Bellême, a city which preserved its medieval charm.

Preparation of the shootout with some measurements to level match all the contestants.

The flea market:

Nice hat, JC...

And the most important thing... socialising...

More gear is being unloaded:

This is going to be fun. Stay tuned for more

Best regards


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