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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 9


One of the traditions of the ETF is a shootout.

This years topic are single ended amplifiers.

16 participants entered the contest.

The shootout happened in knock out fashion in four rounds.

After the first round 8 players were left.

Those entered into round 2 which left 4 players in the field.

Then a semi-final and final round.

The large main speakers system was used.

It has enough efficiency to fill the big room with sound.

Here the final preparations before the actual shootout. Level matching of all amps and main are all are working:

And here the first two contestants:

The final round and winner will be shown in part 10 of my ETF report. Stay tuned!

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1 comment:

  1. Again,
    also this year,
    such excellent and nice pictures from the ETF event I would have loved to attend.
    Many, many thanks for your effort that gave us an idea of what has been going on at this years ETF.