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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Live from France : ETF 2018 - Part 10


Here the results from the finals of the shootout.

The winner was an amp with Eimac transmitter tubes.

Here the first part of the finals:

The audience demanded another piece of music to make a final decision.

See the second clip to learn more about this amplifier:

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  1. Can I hypothesize that a higher power amp won because it was able to fill a large room better with less apparent running out of power?

  2. No. The sound level was rather low (too low in my opinion) and some amplifier pairs had not the same degree of loudness. Because of that the results should not take too seriously - it`s a fun contest.

  3. Thanks Thomas for reporting in detail....Grabbed the atmosphere very well, in my view.

  4. Very fun game, what was the combinaison with the 100th tubes, what preamp and rectifier ?