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Friday, April 26, 2024

High End 2024


I am happy to announce that Admire Audio of Spain is teaming up with me for the High End 2024.

They will bring their fabulous AA4 speakers to Munich for demo with my Intrepid Power Amplifiers.

These power amps will be driven by the new Intrepid Line Preamplifier.

The Intrepid DAC will serve as digital source component.

Amps, Linestage and DAC will feature the newly developed tubes 'ONE', 'TWO' and THREE.

And as my personal highlight the new Intrepid Phono Preamplifier will take care of the analog part.

A differential, transformer coupled, LCR RIAA phono with 20 silver wound transformers and coils.

And with 8 (!) carefully selected and matched Telefunken EC8020 tubes. This phono stage just got finished and is currently under test. A separate blog post about this phono will follow soon.

The phono will be fed with analog signals from a PrimaryControl turntable and arm.

Come to Munich May 9th-12th and visit us in H2, F06.


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