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Monday, April 29, 2024

The Intrepid Phono Stage


With this phono stage the last missing piece of the Intrepid product line got finished.

This is a fully differential, transformer coupled MC phono preamplifier with 8(!) EC8020 tubes.

All signal relevant transformers and inductors are silver wound. In total 20 pieces!

The power supply has it's own housing in the same style chassis, milled form a solid block.

The chassis can be placed side by side, on different shelves or stacked.

All supply voltages are intensely choke filtered, including the DC heater supplies. The high voltage is rectified by a full wave bridge of 4 tubes.

A peek inside the chassis, packed full of silver goodies.

The EC8020 tubes are mounted on vibration damped internal sub plates.

Inputs are available as RCA and XLR. Ihis particular unit only has XLR output but it can be ordered with RCA output (or both) as well.

This phono is finished with a glass pearl blasted surface. other surface treatments like brushed and also other colors are possible.

Like all Intrepid amps and preamps this phono comes with a life time warranty on parts and labour except the tubes which are guaranteed for 5 years.

Alternatively the phono stage can also be ordered with D3a tubes.

This phono is ideally combined with the Intrepid line stage but can work with any other active line preamplifier.

The phono has a built in, silver wound pair of MC step up transformers. Different step up transformers can be chosen to match the phono to a given cartridge. The MC step up configuration can also be easily changed later on after the purchase if it is intended to be used with another cartridge.

This unit will be on demo at the upcoming Munich High End, H2, F06

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