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Friday, April 19, 2024

The Intrepid Line Preamplifier


In January I gave an introduction to the Intrepid product line with a first prototype of a line stage. Now the final version of the Intrepid Line Preamplifier is finished.

A line preamplifier with directly heated triodes and fully balanced and transformer coupled circuit for a truly capacitor less signal path.

As minimalistic as possible in design. Chassis milled from a solid block of metal, including the chassis for the separate power supply.

Like in all Intrepid products only silver wound transformers in the signal path including a silver transformer volume control.

The preamp can be built for different tubes, like 10Y, 801A, 26, UX201A and many others.

As standard it comes with custom developed tubes exclusively made for the Intrepid series.

All tubes carry a 5 year warranty.

The two chassis can be placed side by side or can be stacked.

Each input is transformer coupled via silver wound transformers.

Each input can be configured for different gains or all the same

Like all Intrepid products this line stage is built to order and can be customised.

This line stage will be on demo at the Munich High End, May 9-12, Hall 2, F06

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  1. Love the aesthetic and idea here - I am sure this lineup sounds even better then it looks!