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Tuesday, April 23, 2024



Last month I wrote about the new tubes being developed for the Intrepid series of electronics. Now the first three new types are finished.

Since these are completely new tube developments and do not have equivalents to existing types they received new tube designations. Naming them in order of their development ONE, TWO and THREE. 

The ONE was the first new tube, designed for use in the output stage of the Intrepid DAC or Intrepid Linestage.

Above a quad of ONE in operation in the DAC.

Fresh from the tube factory is the TWO with its main function as a driver in the Intrepid power amplifiers. Alternatively it can also be used in the DAC or Linestage. Depending on the desired gain. It is similar to the ONE but has a higher gain and a different filament voltage. The plate resistance is the same as that of the ONE. A longer plate was needed to achieve that.

And lastly also brand new, the THREE:

The THREE is an output triode which can deliver up to 10W in single ended operation. Like the TWO it has a longer plate than the ONE. Both the TWO and THREE are about 20mm higher compared to the ONE or the TM300B

Here we see the TWO and THREE in operation in a power amp:

Like all triodes made by Deutsche Elektronenröhren Manufaktur GmbH, these new tubes are directly heated with thoriated tungsten filaments.

These tubes are unique in the market with their cylindrical arrangement of electrodes.

They have a single filament string in the center of the tube which is surrounded by a cylindrical spiral as grid and everything is surrounded by a cylindrical anode (plate). The anode has some added side wings for heat dissipation.

This arrangement results in exceptional linearity and unsurpassed sound quality which make them the tubes of choice for the Intrepid series. These new tubes will be on demo at the Munich High End. Come to Hall 2, F06 to experience this new level of electron tube based sound reproduction!

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  1. Congretulation for this job,
    Its confirmed those tubes will never be offered to the tube market ?

    1. These tubes are meant for use in the Intrepid amplifiers. Since they do not have any equivalent no other amplifier exists that could use them. So it makes no sense to offer them separately.

  2. These look intriguing. Would love to hear them in your new amps - if I can make it to Munich. JB.

  3. Would love to hear these.

    1. Come to the Munich High End to listen to them

  4. I'll definitely come... since you weren't there last year, I'm looking forward to it ;)